The 2019 TAVY 13
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Latest on 15 March 2019

  • With a little over a week to go here are the all important Race Day Instructions which should be read and digested by all who have entered (over 500 of you as we write!).

  • Only a few places left but you can still enter on-line here.

  • Here is the list of those signed up so far (as of 11 March 2019).

  • Overview of the course route and layout of our Race HQ here.


The Half Marathon

Our half marathon starts and finishes on the athletics track at Tavistock College with a wonderful course out to Dartmoor and back sandwiched inbetween.

This is a spectacular event which takes place  while the main race is underway. Over 500 children from local Primary Schools complete the final mile of their own half marathon.

Over the preceding 12 weeks they will have notched up their miles and then complete the task in front of proud friends, teachers and, of course, parents.

The Primary Schools Challenge

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