The TAVY 13

incorporating the Primary Schools Challenge

Sunday 19 March 2017, 10 am


Latest on 20 March 2017

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  • Congratulations to Maddie Horton who retained her title as winner of the women's race and to Jim Cole who won the men's, breaking the course record along the way.

  • Photos from the official photographer, Charles Whitton Photography, will also be published in due course and you will find them here >>>.

  • We also launch today the Tavy 7 which will be on Sunday 22 October 2017. Enter now >>>.

Pictured left - Shaun McDermott, who knocked 12 minutes off his previous best, fist-pumping his way over the line. Picture supplied by James from Tavistock Physiotherapy Clinics. He is putting more pictures on the Clinics' Facebook page from Monday.


Unfortunately we had to disqualify 4 runners for wearing headphones. In very simplistic terms runners may not be insured if they run in a UKA race wearing headphones. Our race licence (and therefore the event) depends upon us adhering to this rule. We make every effort to ensure that runners are fully informed of this prior to the event (posted on website, race day instructions and numerous announcements prior to the start). Sorry, we are going to enforce the ruling, we cannot afford not to! Martin Exley-Deane, Race Director Tavy13 


After a fabulous collaberation at last year's Tavy 13 and the Tavy 7 in October we are delighted to have Mansbridge & Balment and Ocean BMW back alongside us once more.


Rock-bottom prices once again.

Only 9 if you are a UK:A affiliated runner.

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Course records: Male - Chris Rimmer, Plymouth Harriers, 1:16:42, 2016; Female - Maddie Horton, Unattached, 1:26:11, 2016.

There's 50 up for grabs to anyone who can break these records.



Race day intructions - download from here and ensure you study, digest and follow this fully to guarantee a great day for you and all of us at Tavy 13 HQ >>>.


This is a spectacular event which takes place  while the main race is underway. Last year we had around 500 children from local Primary Schools completing the final mile of their own half marathon. Over the preceding 12 weeks they had notched up their miles and then completed the task in front of hundreds of proud friends, teachers and, of course, parents.

We will be working directly with the schools on this but we will provide some of the details here as and when that is ready,


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2016 Tavy 13 results >>>

The TAVY 13 ~ UK:A Licence No. 2017/27460 here ~ Certificate of Course Accuracy No. 15/058 here